Culinary Artists

Though we as a team worked with chefs Michael Swamy and Amal Sasikumar (The Taste Magician, London) over the past decade, and have had the pleasure of meeting Queen of Anglo-Indian cuisine Bridget White-Kumar on occasion, this year saw us flip the script to get creative during the lockdown (call us for more details while we work on putting up a portfolio of work done).


We worked closely with Amul too and were a part of their #SimpleHomemadeRecipes live cooking show. While the show recently past 250 episodes, we were happy to be able to get two exciting chefs on multiple occasions on it.

The two new boys to join us on this journey Chef Nigel Galway of Coimbatore and Varun Vijay Rao returned more than once on Amul’s platform and will be making appearances in the new year as well. Varun incidentally has an awesome YouTube channel called The Chefpreneur showcasing simple hacks for classy dishes and cocktails at home. Check them out when you can.

Karen Martin - House of Anglo
Karen, a Public Relations-Media Professional, started House of Anglo because Bangalore didn’t really have eateries offering authentic Anglo-Indian food, a craving she had when out and about the city. HoA simply came about because she wanted people to taste what real Anglo food, a highly underrated cuisine, is all about. 
The House of Anglo dishes cannot be bought anywhere else in the city, simply because she was determined to serve the dishes that she grew up on at home. The home cooked comfort food option has gone well so far and she uses her time in the kitchen as therapy. 
“When I am annoyed or upset, I just get into the kitchen and bake, which transforms me into a completely different person. Through these experiences, I realized that cooking for me, was not just a hobby but it was my passion.” 

Her goal is to preserve the Anglo-Indian culinary roots for as long as she can.

East Indian Culinary
Here’s why we are excited to announce that DWC will be working closely with East Indian Culinary…
1. Food (obviously)
2. A cuisine waiting to tingle tastebuds once again
3. And, the clincher, a group of talented, enterprising women making things happen with a fire that’s hard to ignore. Women empowerment in action is what got us really.
Mumbai peeps, give them a lookup for authentic homemade local East Indian food, masalas and the like. Delivering across Amchi Mumbai.
The number to call is +91 83560 53046 and email,
Stay tuned for more…
20th February 2021